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Dir Estrella PortraitWelcome to Tondo Medical Center's Official Website. This website contains all information about our Hospital. Tondo Medical Center is a Tertiary Training and Service oriented Hospital under the Department of Health (DOH), and own by the Philippine Govenment. Our Mission is to be an Internationally competitive Multi-Specialty Hospital delivering Quality HealthCare.
 Maria Isabelita M. Estrella MD, MHA, FPOGS
 Medical Center Chief II

Featured Articles

  • Hospital-wide, Barangay and School Clean-Up Drive

    tmc doh hospital week dengue and tobacco cleanup drive 1In Celebration of Philippine Hospital week, Tondo Medical Center conducted an activity entitled "HOSPITAL-WIDE, BARANGAY AND SCHOOL CLEAN-UP DRIVE” last August 9, 2016.
    The Event was led by the Medical Center Chief Dr. Maria Isabelita M. Estrella, and was conducted by Public Health Unit headed by Dr. Alberto Diaz, and also joined by the Chief of Clinics, Dr. Cristina V. Acuesta, and Chief administrative Officer Noyminda A. Mercado.


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  • National Disaster Consciousness Month

  • Felicidad Sy Ward

    fsyTONDO Medical Center now has a Felicidad Sy Ward- People’s Ward, the first Felicidad Wellness Center to have a Family Health Care Center. It is the 80th Felicidad Sy Wellness Center.

    The establishment of the Felicidad Sy Ward - People’s Ward is SM Foundation’s response to Health Secretary Ona’s call for “Kalusugang Pangkalahatan” aimed at renovating government hospital to better serve the public. Aside from the Family health Care Center, the People’s Ward also has a Felicidad Sy Wellness Center for children, a doctors’ room, a nurses’ station, an infirmary, treatment room, waiting area, utility, storage and 10 other rooms, each assigned for a specific type of illness. 

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