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  • February is Heart Month

    heart month 2021
    Ang buwan ng Pebrero ay Heart Month. Ating tandaan na isa pa rin sa nangungunang sanhi ng pagkakasakit at pagkamatay ang sakit sa puso. Atin itong alagaan sa pamamagitan ng healthy diet at healthy lifestyle.
    Bilang paggunita sa Heart Month, magkakaroon ng ilang programa ang Tondo Medical Center: Read more ...  
  • Hospital-wide, Barangay and School Clean-Up Drive

    tmc doh hospital week dengue and tobacco cleanup drive 1In Celebration of Philippine Hospital week, Tondo Medical Center conducted an activity entitled "HOSPITAL-WIDE, BARANGAY AND SCHOOL CLEAN-UP DRIVE” last August 9, 2016.
    The Event was led by the Medical Center Chief Dr. Maria Isabelita M. Estrella, and was conducted by Public Health Unit headed by Dr. Alberto Diaz, and also joined by the Chief of Clinics, Dr. Cristina V. Acuesta, and Chief administrative Officer Noyminda A. Mercado.


    Read more ...  
  • National Disaster Consciousness Month



Date of Posting: March 15, 2017  |  Deadline for Submission: March 29, 2017

    • Salary Grade: 11
    • Monthly Salary: 19,620.00
    • Division: ADMINISTRATIVE
    • Office/ Department: ENGINEERING
    • Minimum Qualification Standards (per CSC QS Manual)
      • Education: Completion of Relevant 2 years studies in college or completion of Medical Laboratory Technician course
      • Experience: 2 years of relevant experience
      • Training: 8 hours of relevant training
      • Eligibility: Equipment Technician (MC 11, s.96- Cat. II)
    • Additional Qualifications Preferred: (End-User’s Preference)
      • Education: None
      • Experience: None
      • Training: None
      • Eligibility: None




    • Salary Grade: 4
    • Monthly Salary: 12, 155.00
    • Division: NURSING
    • Office/ Department: CLINICAL AREAS
    • Minimum Qualification Standards (per CSC QS Manual)
      • Education: Elementary School Graduate
      • Experience: None Required
      • Training: None Required
      • Eligibility: None Required (MC 11, s.96- Cat. II)
    • Additional Qualifications Preferred: (End-User’s Preference)
      • Education: At east High School Graduate
      • Experience: None
      • Training: None
      • Eligibility: None


Note: All Qualified next-in-rank shall be automatically candidates for promotion.
However you have submit your updated Personal Data Sheet to Human Resource Department (HRD).
Failure to do so will automatically waive your right to be included as candidates.
Others who are interested and qualifies shall submit the following to the Human Resource Department (HRD), via:
  1. Application Letter addressed to the Medical Center Chief II.
  2. Duly Accomplished Personal Data Sheet/ Resume (indicating education, experience, no. of hours of trainings, seminars, eligibility)
  3. Copy of Diploma. Transcript of Records (For new entrants/applicants).
  4. Copy of Certificate of Trainings/ Seminars Attended, for the last 3 years
  5. Copy of Eligibility (Sub-Professional/Professional; Board Rating)
  6. Copy of Performance rating for the last two rating periods.
If Applicable (For Applicants applying for Promotion) Submit your application to the Human Resource Department (HRD)
addressed to Dr. Maria Isabelita M. Estrella, Medical Center Chief II together with other pertinent documents.
Deadline of submission is on March 29, 2016.