As the demand for better healthcare service arises, Tondo Medical Center strives to improve its services and capabilities by immersing itself to different activities and accreditations to enhance the quality if healthcare it provides. Because of these efforts, the hospital has been recognized by different bodies and has achieved these Accomplishments, Accreditations and Awards.

-ISO 9001:2015 Certified
-PGS Initiation and Compliance Gold Trailblazer
-PRIME-HRM Level 2 Certified (Bronze Awardee)
-PTAHF Accredited
-DOH Hospital Star Awardee
-Red Orchid Hall of Fame Awardee
-Mother-Baby Friendly Initiative Accredited
-Licensed COVID-19 RT-PCR GeneXpert Facility
-100% No balance Billing Compliant (Top 1-NCR DOH Hospitals)